Section Sponsor
  $12,000   $6000
  $1000 / mo   $500 / mo
Run of Site Banner Ads 20,000    5,000
Run of Site Tile Ads  20,000   10,000
Premanent Home Page Banner Ad X    
Premanent Section Banner Ad     X
Directory Listing      
Business Name / Address / Phone X   X
E-mail / Web Links
X   X
Unlimited changes, self service X   X
Coupon X   X
Ratings and Reviews X   X
Number of Category Listings 4   4

Priority of listing (random rotation
within each priority level)

1   2
Summary Description 300 words   300 words
Logo / Image  X   X
Photo Gallery  X   X
Video Clip  X   X
Listing in GO E-mail the week you join  X   X
Contact Form  X   X Advertising Discount*  10%   10% Advertising Discount*  10%   10%
*of equal or lesser value      

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